Trial Brew #5 – Smoked Pilsner 5.2%


This is the fifth of our Trial Brews! Going back to using smoked malt, but trying something different to the usual Rauchbier.



Beer background!

Our very first Trial Brew was an attempt at a traditional Rauchbier. This brew again uses smoked malt from Bavaria, but is rather different.

This is a Pilsner brewed with smoked malt. You should get a good clean crisp beer that has a heap of smoked flavour added on top.

This is a very light refreshing beer with an added extra level of complexity!

A break down of how I’ve brewed this beer!


The malt bill for this recipe is rather simple. We take a good helping of Pilsner malt, also add in a large percentage of smoked malt, and a slight bit of crystal malt for sweetness.

The smoke flavour is to be prominent, so no aroma hops were used, just enough bittering hops to balance the sweetness.

We aimed for 5.2% to give it a bit of strength behind it too, although its deceptively smooth.

It was fermented cool using a traditional Pilsner yeast, and then lagered in the tank fr as long as we could. This helps give a lovely clean crisp flour for the smoke to sit upon.