Trial Brew #3 – Coco Hops 5.3%


This is the third of our Trial Brews! The first was well received, the second went well, and it’s been a while getting the third on the go!

Beer background!


Unlike the last two beers, this particular beer is not steeped in history and tradition, and I can’t even admit to trying one and loving it, as I have never had anything like it!

I decided to go the complete opposite of trying older traditional styles, and go for something I haven;t seen around much. This is going to be a Coconut Porter!

The idea being the coconut will give a subtle flavour on top of a full-bodied porter with hints of roast malts and chocolate.

Only time will tell!

A break down of how I’ve brewed this beer!


The malt bill for this recipe is rather simple. We have a good chuck of Pale malt for the base, a much higher than usual amount of Chocolate malt, and then a god dose of Crystal malt too, with a handful of oats.

The aim for the porter was to make a good standard base for the coconut taste. It was mashed higher than usual, and started off at a much higher Gravity, in an attempt to have more residual sugars left in the beer, giving it some sweetness and a fuller body.

The hop profile was very simple. Some delicious Northern Brewer in at the start, then a smidgen of Fuggles at the end. We don’t want a strong hop flavour in this beer, as it will be malt dominated, and of course have the coconut for flavour!

Once fermented, and cooled, we then add the coconut! This is in the form of flaked toasted Coconut. Toasting it helps bring the flavour out, and gets rid of some oils that damage the head of the beer.

Overall, I had no idea what this will come out like. That’s what Trial Beers are all about, and here we think we should share our experiments with you too!