Trial Brew #8 – Raspberry & Chocolate Porter 5.1%


Our 8th Trial brew is here!

Beer background!

the idea has been suggested by one of our regulars for some time, and I finally got around to trying it!

the idea is to brew a good roasty porter base, with the addition of cocoa in the boil to give it good chocolate flavour. We will see how much of that comes through, and maybe add some cocoa to the fermentation too.

for the raspberry we want it to come through with a sweetness and also tartness, so raspberry puree is gong in once fermentation is chilled, and it can age on the puree for a few days.

this should be pretty full bodied, slightly sweeter than usual, and have a good chocolate/raspberry taste and aroma.

A break down of how I’ve brewed this beer!



used a very simple malt bill, classic porter recipe, but coca powder added during the boil. It makes a lot of mess

A standard English hop was used, just enough to balance the sweetness. I don’t want this overly bitter or hoppy to allow the other flavours to come through.


Raspberry puree is added after fermentation, and it will chill on the fruit for a few days then be kegged!