Trial Brew #6 – Strawberry Wit 4.0%


This is the sixth of our Trial Brews! This has taken a little longer than planned to be ready but it’s finally here!

Beer background!



The base of this beer is a Belgian Witbier, which is white Beer in Flemish. Belgian Wit beers are naturally cloudy due to the amount of yeast present in the beer and the high amount of wheat used in the brew. They are also very light in colour, hence ‘white beer’.

These beer are commonly brewed with spices, mostly colander and orange peel. Oats are also used to give a silkyness to the beer. Th most common example of a classic Wit beer is Hoegaarden.

A break down of how I’ve brewed this beer!


The malt bill for this recipe stick to the traditional feel of the base beer. It has Pilsner malt, Wheat, and oats. The high percentage of wheat is similar to our Hefeweizen malt bill, but the addition of oats should give it a the smoothness we want.

It is hopped with a simple addition of Noble hops. We want the flavour from he yeast and of course strawberries to be prominent, so just enough to balance the body of the beer were used. It was spiced with orange peel and coriander towards the end of the boil also.

I used a specific Witbeir yeast strain to ferment this beer, fermenting at a lower temperature than normal. When it was fermented, it was chilled and the strawberry puree was added!

It has had time for the flavour to develop in the beer, but surprisingly the colour has not changed too much. It is darker than expected but not red in any way! The Strawberry flavour is strong, and with a lovely sweet aroma.

A lovely refreshing pint, but there’s only a half batch so get it before its gone!