Trial Brew #4 – Chocolate mild – 3.8%


We are finally on to our fourth Trial Brew! This ones taken a little longer to get on the go, but after the busy Christmas period I have got this on.

Beer background!


You may remember the last beer, a Coconut Porter, and may of even tasted it! I rather liked it, however it was lacking in coconut flavour with only the slightest hint coming through, but it did have a good chocolate edge.

With this is mind, I decided to go all out and make a Chocolate Porter! A slight tweak to the base porter recipe, and some guesswork at when to add the chocolate, in the form of powder and nibs, and fingers crossed it will work!

A break down of how I’ve brewed this beer!


The malt bill for this recipe is rather simple. We have a good chuck of Pale malt for the base, a much higher than usual amount of Chocolate malt, and then a good dose of Crystal malt too, with a handful of oats. Very similar to the last base recipe, just slightly less ABV and fuller bodied.

We stuck with a simple hop profile. Some delicious Northern Brewer in at the start, then a smidgen of Fuggles at the end. Again, we want the chocolate to come through at the end rather than the hops. They were also reduced slightly to account for the cocoa powder bittering the brew itself!

Once fermented, and cooled, we will then add Cocoa nibs! These are a raw form of cocoa, and fingers crossed will add an extra level of chocolatey goodness. Then at this point comes the hard part. I would love to add coffee to this too, but depending on how it tastes with chocolate I may not!

If I think it will benefit, I have a great blend in mind that will be cold brewed, and added to the fermenter in parts until the flavour I’m after is achieved.

Again being a Trial brew, I’m optimistic but not sure quite what will happen!