Trial Brew #2 – Farmhouse 5.6%


This is the second of our Trial Brews! The first was well received, and this wont be on the bar until the first is all gone. Again feed back is encouraged!

Beer background!


The Saison beer originates from the French speaking area of Belgium, Wallonia.

Saisons are traditionally pale ales which were brewed in the Winter when the weather allowed cooler temperatures, to be drunk in the Summer months by farmworkers. Each farm would have its own saison it would brew each year.

As these beers were for the farmworkes, they were only around 3-3.5% in strength, a long way from the high ABV saisons of today!

n order for the beer to last through the season without becoming infected, Saisons were brewed to have a dry flavour profile and hops and spices were usually added for their bacteriostatic properties. Because they were not brewed in aseptic environments, multistrain fermentations took place giving the beer a ‘wild’ flavour and adding to its complexity.

Saisons almost died out, however a few breweries in America started creating these great beers again, although at a much higher strength!


A break down of how I’ve brewed this beer!

The malt used is mainly an extra pale pilsner malt. I want this to be a lovely pale beer, so only light malts have been used, with a bit of munich and caramalt for body, and some oats for head retention!

This will have a single mash temperature at 64*C. I’m aiming for a dry finish to the beer so don’t want too much sweetness!

It will also have a standard boil, as I don’t want the sugars to caramelize too much and darken too far!

We have some great hops going into this beer. Throughout the boil we have Fuggles going in, an absolute classic English hop, the delicate, minty, grassy, slightly floral aroma produces a clean, refreshing, full-bodied flavour which will be brilliant in this beer. As a dual purpose hop they will be used as the main bittering hop too. I’m using Sorachi Ace as a flavour hop, with complex flavours of citrus fruits, spiciness, and even hints of coconut.

At the end of the boil, in goes some orange blossom honey too, to add another level of flavour and also increase the dryness of this beer. One last addition to the boil is some freshly ground black pepper, to give it a slight spice!

It is fermented with a a speciality Saison Yeast, this is to try to replicate the unique saason yeasts that were created from all different wild yeasts. It will be fermented at around 20*C then increased over time to bring out some spicy fruity esters.

Overall, this should be a beer full of complex flavours that hopefully replicates that of traditional farmhouse Saisons, and with warm weather on the way, fingers crossed it’s as refreshing!



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