Trial Brew #11 – New England IPA 4%


Our 10th Trial brew is here!

Beer background!

this is a sryle of beer thats comng over from the US, that gets a lot of stick, even from me, but I find myself liking the ones I tried.

The idea of NE IPA’s are to fill it with juicy hop flavour. Cut down the bitterness and pack it with fruity and tropical hops, also while creating an almost thick coating mouth-feel.

The high use of hops in the fermenter, and the amount of oats and flaked barley in these beers give them a cloudiness. I have seen and drunk NEIPA’s that range from hazy to down-right murky!

It’s a fine line between appropriate style, and lazyines in brewing a clean beer.


A break down of how I’ve brewed this beer!


The malt for this beer was simple to any IPA, mainly pale, a little crystal, however this differed in the high amount of oat malt, and flaked barley. this is used to give it a thicker, richer body, without an overpowering maltyness.

the hops follow that of a DIPA, as in there are a lot! However rather than pumping up the IBU’s with bittering hops. This uses the minimal bittering hops, then the rest goes in all through the boil. Mainly tropical flavours, citra, amarillo, ekuanot, to name a few.

It’s then heavily dry hopped with a mix of he same too.

Best to drink it early, and from the keg! It’s better fresh, and one we certainly plan to build on.