At Briarbank we like people to see how and where our hand crafted ale is made. What better way than your very own Brewery Tour! This which consists of a look around the brewery, a talk with the brewer about the brewing process, followed by a Q&A and then up to the bar for tasters!

Come enjoy a tour, followed by some fine beers, and a delicious meal to make a great evening out in a fantastic part of Ipswich.

To book, please see below. Tours are flexible and run at times and dates to suit you. Please let us know a preferred date and time and we will do our best to book this. We ask that tours be booked with one week notice at least.

Brewery tours are priced at £10 per person. Tours are limited to a minimum for 4 people, and a maximum of 20.


Please use this booking form for tour enquiries.
All enquiries are subject to confirmation of booking.
We advise that due to limited floor space, no more than 20 people per tour. We are happy to split larger groups.We are happy to arrange food alongside tours, just ask!