Trial Brew #1 – Rauchbier 5.7%

This is the first of our trial brews!

Each month or so I will be creating a one off experimental beer. This will be a smaller batch size, and will only be made the once, so when it’s gone it’s gone.

Being experimental, these beers will differ in styles every time, and will be fun for me to create, and hopefully fun for you to try!

I will also gladly take suggestion on types of brews to make. Trying to create a completely different brew every month will take some thinking, and hopefully they wont be disastrous!

The first beer is a smoked ale. This has been inspired by by German Rauchbiers.

A little background on the idea!

Before the industrial era, malted barley was dried either in direct sunlight, or over an open flame. This imparted a smokey flavour to the malt, which then carried over into the final beer.

As technology advanced and malt kilns were introduced, malt was then dried by an indirect flame. As kilning malt became more popular, smoked beers became less and less common, and almost disappeared completely!

Bamberg in Germany, is now the most famous place to find these once common smoked beers. There are a number of breweries in this region that still dry malt over direct beechwood flames, giving a fantastic smoked aroma to the malt. The most familiar of these breweries is Schlenkerla, whose smoked beer you can find in the UK.

A break down of how I’ve brewed this beer!

This smoked beer uses over 60% smoked malt, direct from Weyermann Maltings in the heart of Bamburg. This malt is beech smoked and imparts gentle notes of vanilla and honey alongside the smoked flavour. It also has a large percentage of Munich malt to give it a classic malty body.

I will be using a classic step infusion for the mash of this beer. Something we do not use for any normal brews. The mash will rest at 45*C, 65*C, and 72*C during the mashing process. This is to follow an authentic German mashing profile for a smoked beer, and also as the smoked malt is not as modified as newer malt types.

The boil will also be longer. This will be boiled for up to 2 hours rather than the normal one, to try get a deeper colour and caramelize some more of the sugars in the wort.

The hops used are just to give a clean bitternes to this ale, but to not impart too much of a hop flavour. This is to let the flavour and aroma of the malt shine through for this ale. I have used a traditional German Noble hop for this beer.

It is fermented with a clean finishing Kolsh Yeast yeast, WLP029, again the aim is to leave that fantastic smoked aroma and flavour, and not impart too much character from the yeast itself, so this will be lager aged for a time after fermentation is complete too.

As mentioned with all of our beers, comments, ideas, and even criticisms are always welcomed! You cant progress on beers without customer feedback! Comments can be left at the bottom of this page, or on any of our Social Media pages.



One Response to Trial Brew #1 – Rauchbier 5.7%

  1. Andrew says:

    Gruss Gott! Rob, I will have to come and try your smokey wonder!


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